Melike Baykal-Gürsoy
Phone: 848-445-5465
Office: CORE Building, Room 218
Interests Include: Stochastic Modeling, Optimization and Control: Markov Decision Processes; Stochastic Games, Queueing Theory, and their applications to Telecommunication, Supply Chain, and Transportation Systems.
David W. Coit
Phone: 848-445-2033
Office: CORE Building, Rm 214
Interests Include: System Reliability Modeling and Optimization, Reliability Theory, Energy Systems Planning and Optimization Models, Applied Operations Research
Elsayed A. Elsayed
Elsayed A. Elsayed
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-3859
Office: CORE Building, Room 226
Interests Include: Systems reliability engineering, accelerated life testing, reliability prediction models, design of test plans, on-line quality engineering, sheet folding theory and technology, aviation research.
Ahmed Aziz Ezzat
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-3625
Office: CORE Building, Room 228
Interests Include: Spatio-temporal Data Science, Renewable Energy Analytics and Forecasting, Materials Informatics, Physics-informed Statistical Learning, Quality and Reliability Engineering
Weihong Guo
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-8556
Office: CoRE Building, Room 220
Interests Include: Statistical quality control and process monitoring, data mining for manufacturing and healthcare systems modeling and improvement, and quality-oriented design and modeling of complex manufacturing systems.
Mohsen A. Jafari
Professor and Department Chair
Phone: 848-445-3627
Office: CORE Building, Room 201
Interests Include: Automation Sciences with applications in Energy, Transportation and Manufacturing.
Myong K. Jeong
Professor, Graduate Director
Phone: 848-445-4858
Office: CORE Building, Room 222
Interests Include: Data mining, sensor data analytics, process monitoring, intelligent transportation
Tuğrul Özel
Phone: 848-445-1099
Office: CORE Building, Room 208
Interests Include: Advanced and sustainable manufacturing, additive manufacturing, manufacturing processes, computational modeling, precision machining, micro-manufacturing, laser processing, predictive process modeling, process simulations, process optimization.
Hoang Pham
Distinguished Professor
Phone: 848-445-5471
Office: CORE Building, Room 216
Interests Include: Reliability engineering, software reliability, statistical inferences, fault-tolerant computing
Elin Wicks
Assistant Professor, Undergraduate Director
Phone: 848-445-8787
Office: CORE Building, Room 210
Interests Include: Engineering economics, engineering education and active learning
Zhimin Xi
Assistant Professor
Phone: 848-445-3657
Office: CoRE Building, Room 224
Interests Include: Reliability and safety for energy storage systems, design for resilient energy systems, prognostics and health management for engineering systems, and model validation under uncertainty.