Mohsen A. Jafari

Professor and Department Chair

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Office:CORE Building, Room 201
Office Hours: By appointment

Mohsen A. Jafari is a professor and chair of the Department of Industrial and Systems Engineering, Rutgers School of Engineering, a principal at the Rutgers Center for Advanced Infrastructure and Transportation (CAIT) and founder of the Laboratory for Energy Smart Systems (LESS). Since 2006, Professor Jafari’s research focus has been on control and optimization of energy systems with applications in Distributed Energy Resources, smart connected buildings, Demand Side Management, and Electrical Vehicles. Jafari has also been active in research concerning transportation safety and mobility since 2005. Prior to 2005, Professor Jafari’s research focused on additive manufacturing of ceramic actuators and sensors, and intelligent manufacturing in food and pharmaceutical applications. He is one of the pioneers in architecting and building the first multi-material Solid Free Form (SFF) fabrication system with online image-based process control sponsored by the ONR-MURI program. Overall, Professor Jafari has been Principal and Co-principal Investigator to over $23M R&D funding from the US and international government agencies, and industry. Professor Jafari’s work has led to 120 refereed publications and patents. He actively collaborates with universities and national labs in the US and abroad and has advised twenty three Ph.D. theses, and nine post-doctoral and research fellows. Presently, Professor Jafari is advising an additional four Ph.D. theses and one Post-Doc. He is a member of IEEE and was recipient of the IEEE excellence award in service and research, SAP curriculum award and two Transportation safety awards. Professor Jafari has been a consultant to several fortune 500 companies, and national and international government agencies.


Ph.D., Industrial Engineering, Syracuse University, 1984
M.Sc., Computer Science, Syracuse University, 1981

Professional Affiliations

IEEE Power and Energy
Operations Research

Research Interests

Automation Sciences with applications in Energy, Transportation and Manufacturing. 

Selected Publications

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