Areas of Research

Our goal is to provide high quality education to our graduate students and to conduct research, often in collaboration with industry and other disciplines, to advance the state of knowledge and practice in the field of industrial engineering. The program aims to insure that each student is firmly rooted in scientific principles and at the same time knowledgeable and confident to implement these principles to solve relevant engineering problems in industry and the public sector. 

With a focus on key areas of critical importance to national competitiveness and productivity, our faculty members have achieved international recognition for their contributions to these areas. Both the curriculum and laboratories are designed to support these research focus areas.

Theory and Methodology

Reliability and Quality Control                    

Faculty Expertise: Elsayed, Coit, Jeong, Albin, Pham

Operations Research                                    

Faculty Expertise: Coit, Jeong, Gursoy

Stochastic Modeling                                     

Faculty Expertise: Gursoy, Jafari, Pham

Data Analytics and Data Mining                     

Faculty Expertise: Jeong, Li, Pham, Albin, Luxhoj, Jafari

Production and Manufacturing                  

Faculty Expertise: Elsayed, Gursoy, Ozel, Boucher, Li, Albin

Control and Automation               

Faculty Expertise: Ozel, Boucher, Li, Jafari


Faculty Expertise: Elsayed, Li, Wang, Jafari


Faculty Expertise: Li, Luxhoj

Application Areas

Supply Chain and Logistics

  • Information Technology
  • Inventory Control and Demand Management
  • Procurement Strategies  

Faculty Expertise: Gursoy, Boucher, Luxhoj


  • Power Grid expansion
  • System Reliability and Maintenance
  • Smart Grid
  • Distributed Energy Resources, Renewables and Energy Storage
  • Energy Smart Buildings and Cities
  • Shale Gas production and Transport
  • Geothermal Recovery

Faculty Expertise: Coit, Jafari, Elsayed, Pham, Wang

Advanced Manufacturing 

  • Precision/Micro-machining          
  • Laser Material Processing
  • Additive Manufacturing and 3D Printing
  • Sheet Folding Theory and Technology          
  • Discrete Event Dynamics Systems
  • Manufacturing Automation

Faculty Expertise: Ozel, Elsayed, Boucher, Li, Jafari


  • Risk Analysis
  • Security Games                                              

Faculty Expertise: Gursoy, Jafari, Luxhoj

Transportation Systems  

  • Traffic Safety, Mobility and Incidence Management           
  • Alternative Fuel Vehicles
  • Aviation and Unmanned Aircraft Systems               
  • System Safety and Risk Analysis
  • Human and Machine Interactions

Faculty Expertise: Jeong, Gursoy, Elsayed, Boucher, Li, Pham, Luxhoj, Jafari


  • Health Delivery Services
  • Orthopedics
  • Occupational Health
  • Human and Machine Interactions

Faculty Expertise: Li, Albin

System Health Monitoring and Control

  • Sensory Networks and Data Fusion
  • Infrastructure Networks

Faculty Expertise: Elsayed, Jeong, Li, Luxhoj