Master of Science Degree in Industrial and Systems Engineering

Rutgers School of Engineering’s Master of Science degree in Applied Industrial and Systems Engineering is a research-directed program that provides advanced training in critical areas that span three degree options in industrial and systems engineering, production and manufacturing systems engineering, or quality reliability engineering. Focused areas of specialization include planning and operations engineering, data analytics, and risk and uncertainty. Designed to integrate theory with applied training and skills, students will combine diversified coursework with hands-on learning and research. The master of science degree is a pre-requisite to a doctoral degree.

Applied Learning

Emphasis on applied problem solving, the use of technology for engineering applications, and unique internship opportunities are key components of the program. Students completing this degree will understand how to gather and analyze engineering data, identify trends and patterns to better predict future events and make decisions in complex, dynamic environments, and consider risk and account for uncertainty.
Core engineering courses cover a wide spectrum of subjects, including:
■ Data analytics for engineering systems
■ Decision making under uncertainty
■ Planning and operations engineering

Elective courses enable students to customize their program to interest areas:

■ Advanced engineering economics
■ Advanced manufacturing processes
■ Design of experiments
■ Facilities planning and design
■ Forecasting and time series analysis
■ Procurement management and global sourcing
■ Production analysis
■ Production and manufacturing project
■ Quality management
■ Simulation of production systems
■ Statistical quality control
■ Supply chain engineering
■ Supply chain management strategies
■ Supply chain risk management
■ Systems reliability engineering

Master of Science Degree Requirements

■ 30 credits
■ Core engineering areas of data analysis, decision making, and planning, plus electives
■ Thesis option
■ Non-thesis option

Graduate Handbook

Admission Deadlines

■ August 15 (fall admission) / April 15 (fall admission, international students)
■ December 15 (spring admission) / October 15 (spring admission, interntational students)

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