ISE Undergraduate Coursework

The ISE undergraduate program focuses on classroom instruction fostered by learning in multidisciplinary project-teams finding solutions to real-world industry problems.

Courses include work design and ergonomics, optimization, simulation modeling, probability, stochastic processes, quality engineering, manufacturing processes, facitlities layout, design of engineering systems, and more. Beginning in the junior year students begin preparing for their Senior Design capstone project.

In both teaching and research, the ISE coursework addresses such issues as:

  • Designing and implementing new technology to reduce manufacturing costs and increase productivity.
  • Integrating decision making in manufacturing, production planning and distribution.
  • Designing control systems using programmable controllers and computers for manufacturing operations.
  • Designing enterprise-wide database information systems for manufacturing control and business processes.
  • Implementing and optimizing layered manufacturing processes.
  • Applying laser materials processing and micromachining in industrial processes.
  • Designing manufacturing systems in the batch process industries, especially food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • Development of workpiece material and friction models for simulation of machining of aerospace alloys.
  • Predictive modeling and optimization of machining operations.

Areas of Faculty Expertise

  • Automation and Shop Floor Control
  • Computer Integrated Manufacturing
  • Data Mining and Analytics
  • Design and Control of Production Systems
  • Discrete Event Simulations
  • Control of Manufacturing Processes
  • Industrial Robotics
  • Performance Analysis
  • Process Monitoring of Quality Engineering
  • Product Design and Rapid Manufacturing
  • Process Simulations
  • Facilities Design and Planning
  • Layered Manufacturing
  • Laser Micromachining
  • Modeling of Machining Processes
  • Multi-criteria Decision Making for Manufacturing Processes & Systems
  • Operation Analysis and Scheduling
  • Reliability Engineering