Data Analytics and Process Insights Laboratory


With current advances in data capturing technology, different kinds of information sources and sensor signals are increasingly used to assess the quality of products and processes in many industries, including the automotive industry, electronics and semiconductor manufacturing, and stamping and chemical processing. This creates a tremendous capability for engineers to access valuable information from various enterprise entities to improve their operations. The mission of DAPI Laboratory is to develop new methods for efficiently and effectively using massive data to obtain insights on different kinds of processes. DAPI Laboratory has been funded through government agencies, industrial partners, and foundations.

The DAPI Lab is an interdisciplinary research group that connects ISE faculty members with different groups and organizations, including the Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, the National Science Foundation, Samsung Electronics, General Motors, Ford Motor Company, the Korea Institute of Science and Technology Information, the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute, and several other companies. Those associated with the lab are conducting research into cutting-edge technologies to improve day-to-day life by way of data collection and analysis.

The DAPI Lab is the center for research on Data Analytics to discover knowledge and insights on processes and systems to:

  • Develop new data mining and machine learning (DMML) algorithms that can be used for general purposes
  • Promote interaction between  academia and industry in the area of DMML
  • Promote the collaboration among DMML experts within the university
  • Promote the participation of the students in the research of DMML