Co-Op Internship Option




The co-op internship program is designed to provide a practical engineering experience to the student’s undergraduate education by integrating prior course work into a working engineering environment. It presents a unique opportunity to the student to practice and/or apply knowledge and skills in various industrial and systems engineering environments.  The credits earned are for the educational benefits of the experience. Students may use 3 of the 6 co-op credits as Dept/Tech Elec (List B) upon approval of the ISE Undergraduate Director.

Prerequisite:    The normal prerequisite is 90 credits completed with a cumulative grade point average of at least 2.5.  Students may be approved with slightly fewer credits at the discretion of the Undergraduate Director.


Course Outline:    The students must satisfy the following criteria to be eligible for an internship:

The co-op internship must be with the same company for six consecutive months, normally the spring and the summer semester.

Note that the 6 credits shown on page 16 are in addition to the 129 credit hours required for graduation unless the student is approved to use 3 credits as a Dept/Tech elective.  Students who choose the co-op internship option will normally complete their undergraduate degree requirements in the 9th semester.

The following are the requirements to satisfy the undergraduate activities for credit:

  1. A written proposal must be submitted to the Department by the student.  The proposal must be approved by the Undergraduate Director.   The written proposal should include the offer letter from the company, educational benefits, engineering related responsibilities at the work site, project tasks, and the plan for evaluation.
  2. A suitable level of responsibility must be proposed and carried out under the supervision of a practicing professional and a final report must be presented to the Undergraduate Director.
  3. The registration is by special permission only, obtained from the Undergraduate Director.
  4. Students hired as technicians within the Department cannot use this to fulfill the Co-op Internship requirement.
  5. All internship work done for 3 credits of Technical elective will be documented in a weekly report to the Undergraduate Director in addition to the final report. 
  6. Students on co-op must be registered for co-op credit during the semesters that they are working.

 If you plan to pursue a co-op, it is important that you make an appointment with the ISE Undergraduate Director, prior to the start of your co-op to discuss implementation details.  All ISE co-ops must be approved by the ISE Undergraduate Director.

ISE Curriculum (Co-op Option)

Freshman Year                            (17 cr. hrs.)                                                                       (18 cr. hrs.)

01:160:159  Gen Chem for Eng                   3             01:160:160  Gen Chem for Eng                         3

01:160:171  Intro to Experiment                   1             01:640:152  Calc Math Phy Sci                         4

01:355:101  Expository Writing                    3             01:750:124  Analytic Physics I                           2

01:640:151  Calc Math Phy Sci                    4             14:440:127  Intro to Computers                         3

01:750:123  Analytic Physics I                     2             14:440:221  Engr Mech-Statics                         3

14:440:100  Intro to Engr                              1             __:___:___  Hum/Soc Elective                          3            

__:___:___  Hum/Soc Elective                    3


Sophomore Year                         (17 cr. hrs.)                                                                       (16 cr. hrs.)

01:640:251  Multivar Calc                             4             01:220:102  Intro to Micro Econ                         3

01:750:227  Analytic Phys IIA                       3             01:640:244  Diff Eqns Eng & Ph                        4

01:750:229  Anal Phys II Lab                        1             14:440:222  Engr Mech-Dyn.                          3

33:010:310  Account for Eng.                      3M          14:540:210  Eng Probability                            3M

14:540:201  Work Des & Ergo                     3M          01:355:302  Sci & Tech Writing                      3

14:540:202  Work Des Lab                          1M         

14:540:213  IE Lab                                       2M         


Junior Year                                  (17 cr. hrs.)

14:540:320  Eng Statistic                             3M

14:180:215  Eng Graphics                           1M

14:332:373  Elements of EE                        3M                         CO-OP – 6 Credits

14:635:407  Mech Prop Materials 3M                         Spring and Summer

14:540:338  Prob Models in OR                   3M

14:540:382  Comp Contr Mfg Sys               3M                        

14:540:383  Comp Contr Lab                      1M


Fourth Year                                 (16 cr. hrs.)                                                                       (16 cr. hrs.)

14:540:343  Eng Economics                       3M          14:540:303  Mfg Processes                3M

14:540:433  Quality Eng & Stat                    3M          14:540:304  Mfg. Processes Lab                       1M

14:540:434  Quality Eng Lab                        1M          14:540:311  Deter Models in OR                       3M

__:___:___  Dpt/Tech Elec (List A)              3M          14:540:384  Simulat Models IE                          3M

__:___:___  Dpt/Tech Elec (List B)             3M          14:540:399  Design of Eng Sys I                       3M

__:___:___  Hum/Soc Elective                    3             14:540:462  Fac Layout & MH                           3M


Fifth Year                                     (12 cr. hrs.)

14:540:400  Design of Eng Syst II 3M

14:540:453  Prod Plan & Control                 3M

14:540:453  Sustainable Energy               3M

__:___:___  Hum/Soc Elective                    3


M – Course is included in major average.

Total credit hours:  129.

Major credit hours total:  67.  


The Dept/Tech electives (List A & List B) are given in Section 1.2 of the handbook.