Centers and Programs

Laboratory for Stochastic Systems

We are interested in analyzing large-scale complex systems under uncertainty using stochastic modeling, Markov Decision Theory and Game Theory with applications in the transportation, supply chains, climate and health, production and manufacturing, and telecommunication networks. Current research and teaching programs focus on the areas of modeling, optimization and control of stochastic systems, such as transportation, telecommunication and supply chain networks. 

Rutgers Manufacturing and Automation Research Laboratory

The research laboratory conducts science-centered, industrially-relevant research toward the advancement of manufacturing science and technology and provide quality engineering education and training for undergraduate and graduate students, as well as visiting scholars. Main interests include investigating advanced manufacturing processes to produce discrete products at micro-scales (nano, micro, and macro) and related production and manufacturing systems for achieving high quality, high reliability, high productivity, high efficiency, and better sustainability as related to the interaction of people, machines, materials, products, computers, sensors, energy sources, and environmental factors.