Professor Tugrul Ozel $160,000 (Year 1: $40,000 10/01/2017-10/01/2018, Year 2: $60,000 10/01/2018-10/01/2019, Year 2: $60,000 10/01/2019-10/01/2020), 3M Company, St. Paul, Minnesota.

Project Title: Development of simulation models and determination of constitutive material properties, friction and damage models that can be used to predict cutting processes

Project Description: Tugrul Ozel is leading a joint Rutgers-3M team with funding from 3M Company to develop simulation models and determine material properties and tool friction at the cutting regimes for improving the prediction capabilities of cutting processes with process simulations by utilizing cutting mechanics/dynamics and process measurement data for micro-replication manufacturing. This project aims to develop methodologies for flow stress modeling, friction modeling, and constitutive model parameter determination, cutting process mechanics, cutting process monitoring, and predictive process engineering for production processes used in micro-replication manufacturing technology.