ISE Students Visit Amazon

Amazon’s Staten Island robotic fulfillment center, opened in September 2018, is an 855,000-square-foot warehouse manned by more than 2,000 full-time employees and hundreds of 350-pound robots. A group of ISE students toured the facility to gain a deeper understanding of the industrial and systems engineering discipline, particularly warehouse layout, warehouse operations, and material handling.

A total of 62 people attended the tour on February 14, 2020, which included a two-hour walking tour of the facility followed by luncheon Q&A with Amazon managers. Most of the participating students were ISE seniors enrolled in the “Facilities Layout and Materials Handling”course. This warehouse tour allowed students to see how the textbook knowledge is used in real world.

Students got to see how the most advanced fulfillment center efficiently handles the materials transport, the storage, the shipping and receiving, the picking and stowing, etc. Three senior-level managers each led a group for the walking tour, and the facility’s general manager also joined the Q&A session.

"During the trip back to campus students kept talking about what they learned on our way back, and they also stopped by my office telling me how much they enjoyed the trip," said Professor Weihong Gou.