Eric Rosenberg

Eric Rosenberg

Visiting Professor

Industrial and Systems Engineering

Office:CORE Building, Room 212
Office Hours: By Appointment


Ph.D. in Operations Research, Stanford University, Stanford, California

B.A. in Mathematics, Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio


• AT&T Labs President’s Excellence Award (2012)

• Distinguished Member of Technical Staff Award from AT&T Bell Labs (1987)

Research Interests

Network design and analysis, fractals, telecommunications networks, capacity planning, facility location, routing in networks, nonlinear optimization, convex optimization

Selected Publications

• book: A Survey of Fractal Dimensions of Networks (Springer, New York, 2018)

• book: A Primer of Multicast Routing (Springer, New York, 2012) book review:

Inventor or co-inventor of 17 patents issued by U.S. Patent Office

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