Corporate Partners

The Industrial and Systems Engineering Department at Rutgers works as a partner to industry and corporations leading through cutting-edge research in production and manufacturing, energy systems and quality and reliability engineering. ISE Rutgers works as a dynamic partner providing innovative and creative faculty and student thinking to a variety of cutting-edge projects. Students contribute to corporate development through internships and sponsored capstone research work; often leading to full-time employment. Faculty members bring a high-level of research experience and a depth of knowledge to industry challenges, helping businesses to increase profitability and efficiency.

Collaborate with ISE Rutgers

  • Rutgers Industrial and Systems Engineering Department is rated by U.S. News and World Report as among the top 25 ISE graduate programs. 
  • Faculty include members of leading professional organizations working in fields, including supply chain, transportation, energy systems, healthcare, aviation, saftey, and reliability, among others.
  • Each year, approximately 50 undergraduate seniors participate in design projects.
  • ISE Industry Advisory Board members include executives of leading corporations across a diverse array of industries.

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Department Chair
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